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Anhui Honrons Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

HONRONS is an entity-based enterprise driven by technological innovation and social responsibility. Relying on the support of many high-quality customers at home and abroad, we continue to provide high-energy and low-consumption shredders, crushers, screening and other solid waste line supporting equipment for the field of solid waste disposal and recycling, and provide solutions with strong availability.

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Our Services

HONRONS offers size reduction equipment and recycling/disposal solutions for different solid wastes, which will help to improve resource utilization efficiency and reduce the space taken up in landfills.

Bulky Waste

Bulky waste is waste that is too large to be removed regularly.Usually includes all kinds of furniture and home appliances, such as wardrobes, mattresses, sofas, tables, refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, bathtubs, toilets, etc. Shredding and reducing the volume of bulky waste can reduce transport costs and landfill space. At the same time, there are more reusable materials in bulky waste, such as wood, leather, etc. that can be incinerated to produce electricity, and plastics, metals, glass, etc. that can be recycled.


Paper& Cardboard

Corrugated paper, packaging paper, office paper, books and magazines have a high reuse value. The uncontaminated ones can be re-made into paper or cardboard, while the contaminated ones can be used as fuel for power or heat generation, making Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) and Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). By shredding, paper and cardboard can be quickly reduced to the required size, helping to speed up screening and sorting; for fuel use, it can be reduced to a uniform size, improving combustion efficiency, generating more energy and reducing carbon emissions.


Medical Waste

Medical waste is waste generated in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, animal clinics, blood banks, dental clinics or home health care, which may be contaminated with blood, body fluids or other infectious substances. Medical waste is first disinfected using microwave, steam or other means, then reduced in size using a medical waste shredder and then landfilled, recycled or made into fuel.


Organic Waste

Organic waste is a type of biodegradable waste of plant or animal origin, containing mainly carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. Organic waste comes from expired food, spoiled fruit and vegetables, catering waste, slaughterhouse waste, etc. Normal landfill disposal is not only wasteful but also polluting (the methane gas produced by anaerobic decomposition is a greenhouse gas 20 times worse than carbon dioxide). The use of shredders to reduce the size of organic waste and make compost, substrate for biogas plants or for the production of feed is now a popular method of disposal.


Waste Plastic

Plastic is currently the most used and most polluting material on the planet, and people even use the term “white pollution” to refer to plastic pollution. Plastics take a long time to degrade, some contain toxic substances, and landfills can cause soil and groundwater contamination, making it urgent to dispose of them in a special way. Plastics can be recycled for new products and most have a high calorific value and can be used for energy purposes, for example to make Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) or Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Industrial shredders can pre-treat waste plastics to help reduce their size and improve screening and sorting efficiency.


Textile Waste

Waste textiles are all kinds of clothing, fabrics, carpets, towels, leather, etc. that are no longer used in the household or in commercial and industrial activities. They come from natural or synthetic sources and most of them have the potential to be reused or recycled. Currently, waste textiles are the least recycled of almost all waste streams, especially in today’s “fast fashion” world, where people are throwing away clothes more frequently, resulting in large amounts of waste. Traditional landfills not only cause pollution and increase carbon emissions, but also result in a huge waste of resources. Reducing the size of textiles through shredders for recycling or energy use is now a popular method of disposal.


We provide the exceptional service we’d want to experience ourselves

HONRONS is committed to protecting the earth and promoting sustainable development by improving waste disposal and recycling efficiency.

Industrial & Commercial Solid Waste Disposal System85%

Construction& Demolition Waste Disposal System80%

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal System75%

Refuse-Derived Fuel & Solid Recovered Fuel System75%

Waste Tire Shredding & Recycling System75%

Pre-Shredding System for Biomass Power Plant75%

Hazardous Waste Disposal System75%