What Shredder Equipment Is Used For Biomass Coupled Textile Waste Power Generation?

Textile waste and biomass fuel have a certain similarity in calorific value. Using textile waste as fuel to couple biomass fuel for incineration and power generation (heat supply) can effectively solve the problem of difficult textile waste disposal and can also produce certain economic benefits. Do more than one thing. The biomass coupled textile waste power generation technology and the biomass direct combustion power generation crushing equipment system are different to a certain extent. The biomass is mainly packaged straw and waste wood scraps, etc. According to the situation, shredding or crushing equipment can be used; textile waste is mainly It is cotton and linen discarded fabrics and filamentous garbage, mainly using shredding equipment. Considering the problem of clogging in the furnace, the size is required to be 5cm on average and no more than 10cm. What shredder equipment is used for biomass coupled textile waste power generation? Today, I recommend an ideal device for everyone.

The dual-shaft shearing shredder uses low speed and high torque to shred textile waste. In terms of performance, it will not damage the performance of the material of the clothes itself, reducing the problem of large storage space. When transporting to the textile factory It also saves transportation costs.

HONRONS is committed to protecting the earth and promoting sustainable development by improving waste disposal and recycling efficiency.

The double-shaft shearing shredder is one of the main models of our company’s shredder series. It is a lightweight material shredder. Bags, color strips, sunscreens and other textile waste are shredded into short strips of 3-10cm to meet the needs of subsequent processing and production.

What Are The Advantages Of Double Shaft Shearing Shredder For Crushing Textile Waste?

  1. It is suitable for shredding materials with strong entanglement, and fabrics such as old clothes, without the phenomenon of winding the knife shaft.
  2. The use and maintenance coosts of the tool are low, and the gap between the fixed knife and the movable knife can be adjusted.
  3. The discharge size can be adjusted according to the size of the screen aperture.
  4. The feeding speed is stable and adjustable, and the propulsion force is large and uniform.
  5. LCD touch screen automatic control, with start, stop, forward and reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions, with low speed, high torque, low noise and so on.
  6. The shock-absorbing spring is used to relieve the vibration generated during the shredding process of the shredder, so that the whole shredder is stable.

Shredded fabric waste as fuel for power plants is of great significance and is worthy of our continued exploration. HONRONS can not only provide shredder equipment for biomass coupled textile waste power generation, but also accumulated a lot of successful experience in the process of other waste recycling. If you have textile waste shredding or other waste resource pretreatment problems Welcome to consult us anytime!

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