Types Of Garbage Twin Shaft Shredders

The double shaft shredder has a wide range of applications, and most of the solid waste can be shredded with the double shaft shredder. According to the driving mode, the double shaft shredder is mainly driven by electric motor and hydraulic motor; according to the operation mode, it can be divided into fixed shredder and mobile shredder; according to the scope of use, it can be divided into large garbage shredder, domestic garbage shredder Shredder, industrial waste shredder, paper mill twisted rope shredder, leather fabric waste shredder, kitchen waste shredder, hazardous waste shredder, rubber tire shredder, plastic shredder, etc.

HONRONS is committed to protecting the earth and promoting sustainable development by improving waste disposal and recycling efficiency.

The double-shaft shredder equipment is customized for different solid waste material types, sizes, discharge requirements, material moisture, etc. to achieve better shredding effect. This article will introduce several popular solid waste dual-shaft shredder models for your reference!

Double Shaft Shear Shredder

The double shaft shearing shredder uses the working principle of shearing, tearing and extrusion between the knives to process materials. According to the characteristics and production capacity requirements of different materials, configure the corresponding tool and tool body layout to effectively improve production efficiency. The equipment adopts the design of “double motor + double reducer”, which has the characteristics of large shearing force, good crushing effect, low noise and good stability. It is suitable for the crushing of conventional domestic waste, and has a good effect on the crushing of soft and hard materials.

Double Shaft Crusher

Hydraulic double-shaft primary crusher is one of the mainstream crushing equipment with high production efficiency for solid waste crushing. The blade adopts imported wear-resistant materials to ensure low consumption and reliability, achieve high-power crushing processing capacity, and meet the high requirements of long-term continuous operation. reliability. The equipment is designed with low speed and high torque, and has the outstanding feature of large crushing force. It is often used in the rough crushing process in environmental protection fields such as urban domestic waste treatment, bulky waste crushing and volume reduction, resource regeneration, waste incineration pretreatment, and landfill.

Mobile Double Shaft Crusher

Mobile solid waste crusher integrates mobile chassis, feeding, crushing, conveying, magnetic separation and other process equipment, and is an ideal equipment for scattered waste treatment in urban and suburban areas. Its design concept fully considers the crushing needs of various materials, eliminates the impact of crushing site, environment, foundation, disposal volume, electricity and other factors on production, and provides customers with crushing equipment that is simple to move, stable in operation, and low in operating costs; mobile The solid waste crushing station has a built-in diesel engine, which can be produced without external power supply; it has its own mobile chassis, which is convenient and quick to move around.


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