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What Shredder Equipment Is Used For Biomass Coupled Textile Waste Power Generation?

Textile waste and biomass fuel have a certain similarity in calorific value. Using textile waste as fuel to couple biomass fuel for incineration and power generation (heat supply) can effectively solve the problem of difficult textile waste disposal and can also produce certain economic benefits. Do more than one thing. The biomass-coupled textile waste power generation technology and the biomass direct combustion power generation crushing equipment system are different to a certain extent.

How To Recycle The Smashed Garden Green Plant Waste?

The greening garbage shredder can initially physically smash the branches and leaves, thin trunks and roots in the landscaping garbage, and complete the preliminary treatment process of the landscaping garbage to generate products. After crushing, the volume of landscaping waste is generally reduced by 40%-60%. During pulverization, the greening garbage can be classified and pulverized…